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About Us

We, Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers, are wildlife photographers concentrating on African and Asian wildlife and the Shah Rogers Photography website is an in-depth showcase of our work. Here, much of our wildlife photography collection is organised into named galleries and the following is an overview of what you might expect to find.

The gallery called "The Premier Collection" showcases our best work and "The Collections" take this a stage further by showing several distinctive features of our working style. Whereas "The Wide-Angle Collection", "The Panoramic Collection" "The Portrait Collection" and "The Aerial Collection" are self-explanatory collections, "The Primate Collection" is best looked at as an intimate glimpse of the primate world , seeing the inhabitants absorbed in their daily lives.

Under "Features and Stories" you will find galleries that constitute photo features (with captions) and photo stories (with text available on request). These are really suggestive since we have the ability to customise features and stories.

We have also included a few miscellaneous galleries such as "Winners" and "Favourites" that show some of our work from the perspective of our customers. Finally, there are the species galleries, under each of which we have images that depict portraits, habitat, and behaviour of a given species.

Finally, you may also like to look at concepts not covered on the website, but covered in our books. There are four books that we can recommend: "A Tiger's Tale", "Circle of Life", "African Odyssey - 365 Days" and "The Great Rift Valley of East Africa". These titles are available in many good bookshops and of course and

Over 95% of the images on the Shah Rogers Photography website are of wild animals photographed in their natural environment. Where this is not the case it has been clearly captioned as such. We aim that in the future the Shah Rogers Photography website showcases only wild animals. In addition, apart from the adjustment of contrast normally associated with the processing of RAW images, none of the images are digitally manipulated. For both of us, the welfare of the wild animal being photographed takes top priority, a consequence of which is that the animal is relaxed and behaves naturally. Of course we do not bait or provision any wild animals - baiting alters behaviour and can make wild animals aggressive and dependent on humans.

Dealing with us
The most important thing for us is that when dealing with Shah Rogers Photography you will be able to trust in the authenticity and integrity of everything we do.
Since we are photographing throughout the year, work is constantly being added to the Shah Rogers Photography website. Of course at the same time there is always new material awaiting upload. So if you are looking for something specific and you can't quite find it, it is always worth enquiring.
Thank you for taking the time to browse our work.



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